Brugge Russian guide, English Russian interpreter in Brugge, Belgium
Russian guide in Brugge, Russian guide in Belgium, Russian tour Brussels English/Russian interpreter Brussels
Russian guide in Brugge, Russian guide in Belgium, Russian tour Brussels Russian guide in Amsterdam, English/Russian interpreter in Amsterdam
Russian guide in Brugge, Russian guide in Belgium, Russian tour Brussels Russian/English interpreter Brussels, Belgium, Brugge

"Полина, добрый день! По словам директора, переводчик супер! Директор остался очень доволен. Спасибо за рекомендацию!" Мария. С-Петербург. 24.06.2013
( синхронный переводчик на переговорах в Бельгии и на ужине )

"Оказавшись в непростой ситуации связанной с необходимостью срочного лечения в Бельгии, обратился за помощью в организации поездке к Полине.
Полина Юрьевна показала себя прекрасным организатором и надежным партнером. Очень добросовестно и ответственно подошла к организации различных специальных моментов. От ожидания выхода из наркоза в больнице и помощи в реабилитационном периоде, до консультации с специалистами и помощи в приобретение лекарств. Кроме того, ее профессиональные советы помогли мне избежать ряда дополнительных затрат и сделать правильные выводы. В общем она молодец! Успехов в ее не легком поприще. С Уважением, Владимир В."
Казань, 23.05.2014

Polina Yurievna - your assistant and German/Russian/ English interpreter, guide in Luxemburg, Brussels, Brugge, Belgium +32 47 2820587

Welcome to Brussels, Belgium, Luxemburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp! My email:

Driver and guide service in Brussels, Bruges, Belgium What's app:  +32 47 282 05 87

Deutsch/Russisch Uebersetzerin in Bruessel, Belgien:

Russian/ English guide-interpreter in Brussels, Russian guide and English guide in Luxembourg, Amsterdam

Transfer from Brussels airport to Bruges, transfer Brussels - Amsterdam, transfer Brussels - Paris: What's app: +32 47 282 05 87 Polina Yurievna

Swiss guide in Zurich, English-Russian interpreter in Zurich, Bern,Basel, Geneva, Russian guide in Zurich, Switzerland

Welcome to Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Belgium, Luxemburg!

English/Russian interprete Brussels, Belgium, English/Russian interpreter in Luxembourg +32 47 282 05 87 Polina YurievnaHello, dear visitor of my site! Are you going to Brussels, Bruges, Luxemburg, Amsterdam on business or for holidays? Are you looking for an English/Russian interpreter in Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Amsterdam or in Luxembourg? Brauchen Sie Deutsch/Russisch Uebersetzer in Belgien, Bruessel? I can be your English/Russian interpreter in Brussels, Bruges, Benelux, Deutsch/Russisch Dolmetscherin in Belgien. I can help you to find good English/Russian translator in Belgium, German/Russian interpreter in Brussels, Bruges, Belgium, Amsterdam, Holland, Luxembourg and organize your trip to Brussels, Belgium, Luxembourg, Amsterdam.

My name is Polina Yurievna, i work as English/Russian, German/Russian interpreter at exhibitions, trade fairs anf also as French/Russian interpreter in Belgium, Brussels on business negotiations in Brussels, Belgium and in Luxemburg, Amsterdam. Also i can work as business assistant in Belgium and I cooperate with Russian guides in Belgium and other cities in Europe, Russian/English interpreters, Russian/German, French/Russian interpreters in Brussels, Bruges, Belgium, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Nice. My email is:

Also if you need VIP helicopter flight in Belgium, i can help you to organize such helicopter's flight in Belgium.

I also speak German and French. I will be glad to work as Russian/English interpreter in Brussels, Belgium and in Luxemburg, Amsterdam.

Brussels is the city of European Commission and European Parlament, the city of culture and politics.  We can visit famouse Grand Place, see Mannekenpis, visit interesting shopping streets in Brussels, chocolate shops and famouse lace shops. Also we can visit Bruges, Antwerp and other towns in Belgium. Besides I can help you to find business contacts in Russia. I have expirience of working at the trade shows in St.Petersburg, Russia and in Belgium. My email is:  my mobile tel is: 

+32 47 282 05 87 Polina Yurievna

Brussels is the city of Atomium, NATO, different political congresses, cultural events. You should try famouse belgian chocolate and the best "Belgian fries" in the world and fine cuisine. There are many nice street cafes and restaurants in Brussels. Belgium is also famouse of its great beer! Brussels is very international city, you can speak different languages here in Belgium, Benelux.

You are welcome to Brussels, Antwerpen, Brugge, Belgium, Amsterdam and Luxemburg!

Interpreter in Brussels, interpreter in Luxembourg Russian English interpreter in Brussels, Belgium

Russian guide in Brugge, Belgium  Russian/English interpreter in Belgium, Brugge, Luxembourg

Russian guide in Belgium, Antwerp  Russian/English interpreter in Antwerp, guide Belgium

 Polina Yurievna - your English/Russian and Russian/German interpreter in Belgium, Brussels, Brugge, Luxembourg, Amsterdam  Polina-Yurievna-your English/Russian interpreter in Luxembourg, English/Russian interpreter in Belgium

  beautiful Belgium, Wallonia. Floreffe Abbey, Belgium.Polina-your Russian/English speaking guide will show you Belgium  Polina Yurievna-Russian/English interpreter, guide in Amsterdam, Holland. Polina will help you to find good Russian guide in Amsterdam, Holland

I will be glad to show you the city of Brussels, Belgium, Antwerp, Bruges and Luxemburg!

Welcome to Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Switzerland!

Zurich is "small, big" city of banks, watches, cheese, chokolate etc. Also Zurich is one of the cultural centres of Switzerland. There are exhibitions, concerts. Zurich is the city of  highest standard of life in Europe. 

I offer English and Russian speaking guide service in Zurich, transfer from Zurich airport and limousin service in Switzerland with English and Russian speaking drivers. We can make excursions for individual tourists and small groups around Zurich and in other cities of Switzerland. We can meet you at the airport, make hotel booking, restaurant reservation, translations, tours etc. Switzerland attracts many tourists with its beauty of mountains landscapes, clean lakes, unique charme of towns and cities: Zurich, Bern, Luzern, Geneva, St.Moritz.

If you wish to open an account in a bank in Zurich, to make a deposit in a private Swiss bank in Zurich, Geneva, Switzerland, i can recommend you good bank in Zurich. Deposits in Swiss banks are very reliable and profitable. The private banker in Zurich, Switzerland will try to make your account in a private Swiss bank  bigger!

We also make excursions in St.Moritz, Gstaat, Zermatt, Luzern and around all Switzerland. There are walking and car guided tours in and around Zurich. Best hotels of Zurich, Switzerland wait for you.Swiss Alps, helicopter flight in Swiss Alps. Polina will help you with helicopter in Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria. Russian guide Zermatt. polina will find good Russian/English speaking tour guide in Switzerland, Zurich, Bern, Geneva

With us you can degustate chokolate, swiss cheese and get new expirience from this fairy tale country - Switzerland. In Zurich you can visit with guide most interesting sights, Bahnhof strasse-one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, it goes to Parade platz where you "walk on gold", downstairs there are bank safes. We can see different churches, houses, cafes. It is good to visit Niederdorf-old town of Zurich. 

Zurich is the city of swans, on Zurich lake there are many beautiful, white birds-swans. Ecology is very good in Switzerland and if you want to buy a house or apartment, villa on the lake, it will be very good investment. I can help you to find real estate in Switzerland. During your stay i recommend you to stay in the beautiful hotel on the Zurich lake, it has a view on the lake. I can book a room in the 5 stars hotel and in other hotels of Switzerland.

Vladimir Lenin wanted to make revolution in Switzerland, we can show you the house where Lenin lived and cafe where he met swiss revolutioners.

Food in Switzerland is similar to Germany, most popular dishes are: Fondue, Rosti, Cordonblue.

Swiss people like extreme sports: climbing, hiking, paragliding, deltaplanerism, mountainbiking, bangijumping. In Switzerland there are more than 200 mountain ski resorts. Except ski, there are such popular sports as: snowboarding, kerling, skating, snowbiking etc.

There are many Spa centers, Spa Hotels in Switzerland. You can get younger in the Spa centre, relax in in the thermal bath.

For those people who would like not only to go ski, but also to show up and to look at others, i recomment you luxury resort - St.Moritz, where there are more 4 and 5 stars hotels than in any European city. The most popular sports in St.Moritz are: ice polo, horse riding on ice, snow cricet, snow golf, bobsley. On the bobsley trasse " Kresta Ran" sportsmen can get high speed.

In january on the ice of St.Moritz there is championatship of Ice polo. Aristocrats, members of kings families and other famouse people come to see it. I can book Hotel in St.Moritz and other ski resorts of Switzerland and make transfer from Zurich to St.Moritz.

You are welcome to Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Switzerland!

Your Russian speaking guide will help you in Zurich, Switzerland!

  rent of VIP helicopter Geneva-Courchevel, helicopter Val Thorens-Courchevel. Russiand guide Polina in Zurich, Switzerland will help you!  We can help you to rent luxury chalet, apartment in Zermatt, transfer by minivan V class Zurich-Zermatt. Russian guide Polina will help you in Zermatt, Switzerland

We will help you to rent helicopter in Switzerland, Zurich, Sankt-Moritz, Geneva-Courchevel, Merano, Venezia!

  We can help you to rent luxury chalet, apartment in Zermatt, transfer by minivan V class Zurich-Zermatt. Russian guide Polina will help you in Zermatt, Switzerland. Best Russian and English speaking guides in Zurich will make great tour for you!  We can help you to rent luxury chalet, apartment in Zermatt, transfer by minivan V class Zurich-Zermatt. Russian guide Polina will help you in Zermatt, Switzerland

 swiss guide, guide in Zurich, Switzerland. Russian guide Polina in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Switzerland. Tours in Switzerland with local Russian speaking guideRussian/German interpreter in Zurich, Switzerland    

Russian guide in Zurich, Switzerland  Russian guide in Zurich, Switzerland, English/Russian interpreter in Zurich, Geneva

suiss tours, guide, interpreter. Russian guide Polina in Zurich.  озеро Цюриха. You can rent a boat in Zurich, on Zurich lake



                                                                                    You are welcome to Zurich, Switzerland!

                                                                             Добро пожаловать в Канны, на Лазурный берег Франции! 

                                                                             Гид переводчик в Брюсселе, Люксембурге
                                                                       Гид, переводчик в Цюрихе, Швейцарии, трансфер



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